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Joining the Choir

If you would like to sing with us, please contact our Membership Secretary Katy Payne: .  We will get back to you with the date and time of the next rehearsal, when you can come and meet us informally. Normally our Music Director will arrange an interview at which you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the choir, and he may ask you to sing for him to find out the range and character of your voice.

You will be invited to join us if it seems that your voice, your musical experience and your interests match the choir's profile.  It may not be possible to join straight away if we are already well into preparing for a concert, but you will be able to join for the following concert, and you will be very welcome to come and listen to us of course! If we feel that you are not ready to join QPS, we will offer information about other choirs in the area.

If you or your child are interested in joining Queen's Park Junior Singers, please see here.  


The subscription year runs from 1st September to 31st August, divided ito three terms: (1st September  - 31st December, 1st January  - 30th Aprii, 1st May  - 31st August).

Our current subscription rated are:
  • Full price: £90 per term
  • Concession: £45 per term
We offer a discounted rate if you sign up for all three terms in any subscription year:
  • Whole year, full price: £180
  • Whole year, concession: £90

Where we meet

We meet in North West London.  For details on our venue see here.
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